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Welcome to belh!

I will put things here eventually...

dhcpd, my DHCP (v4 only for now, v6 will almost certainly come after the parser and lease syncer is done) server written as a Google Summer of Code 2014 project for OpenBSD. The version I was submitting is in this tarball. Yes, I do use the github master HEAD in production. Bug reports/fixes are welcome!

QViz, my tool for visualizing QoS on Linux and OpenBSD

handy fast converter of numbers and an IPv4 or IPv6 calculator to help with educated guesswork

a selection of my old software

one of my rants about OpenSSL, before it became popular

How to get your internetz in the wilderness.

Are you a hipster?

Are you a [...]?

[...] you [...]!

Python for intelligent people in Vim

:set noexpandtab
:set softtabstop=8
:set shiftwidth=8

Doesn't seem to be working in any of /etc/vim/vimrc[.local] or ~/.vimrc, as does not set paste (which only writes (paste) but still behaves like a pile of crap), but if you type it manually with a colon at every start of vim, it finally starts working. Unless you use the indenting commands like >. Then it acts up again and you need set shiftwidth=8.

FUCK PEP 8. There is no logical explanation for using spaces where tabs should be. If something is supposed to be aligned in a text processor, you don't use spaces either, do you? Of course you don't, there's a key invented for that! So fuck off and format your code properly.

And if your "4-space indent" is OH SO PRETTY, set up your editor to display tabs that way and stop putting four times more shit in the code. Our way is compatible with yours. YOURS ISN'T. YOU ARE WRONG AND WE ARE RIGHT. Get on with it.

Air-CA8 and OvisLink 5000

Martin Pelikán